About us

Uppsala Rock Nights is a rock club in Uppsala that has been launched to put Uppsala on the map within the rock genre.

Uppsala is Sweden's fourth largest city and we know that rock interest is large among its inhabitants, although today there is no good forum for our local talents to be seen.

This is what we want to change.

Our vision is to put Uppsala on the map within the rock genre, as well as to organize a recurring affordable scene with as wide rock spectra as possible, focusing on giving our visitors a wonderful experience.

In order to reach our vision, local bands will have the opportunity to play at us, both established and unestablished bands. Of course, we will also invite bands outside Uppsala and Sweden to offer as wide a range of rock as possible for our visitors.

We who run Uppsala Rock Nights:

Stefan Andersson - Chief Financial Officer


Malini Karlsson - Market and Partners


Tel. 0046 709-554666

Jonas Lindqvist - Media & PR


Band booking:

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Place: Interpool, Uppsala



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