Persefone: Almost four years have passed since Persefone unleashed their highly-acclaimed album

“Spiritual Migration”. An impressive tour-de-force of insanely great musicianship that took

both the press and the listeners by storm (1,3 million views on YouTube). With a new

guitarist and a new drummer Persefone have now taken their music to the next level and

are ready to release their brand-new album “Aathma” to set the standard for progressive

metal, and now they are comming to Sweden and Uppsala Rock Nights 2018.

Thyrfing: Thyrfing have delivered their very own brew of metal music since 1995 and after six full-length albums and numerous live performances the band now releases their eagerly awaited new album called “De ödeslösa”, still carrying the integrity and trademarks known since the self-titled debut album in 1998

The band have gained a strong following over the years and an exquisite standing within the metal scene, considered one of the top bands within the so-called viking/pagan metal genre

Bonafide: Bonafide means genuine which this band really is. They play rock just as it should be and it gives both energy and joy that infects from stage to audience.

Through hard work has Bonafide acquired a position both within Sweden and outside the country's borders. There have performed on numerous festivals, city celebrations and club scenes. And now it's part of the premiere year of Uppsala Rock Nigths.

Loch Vostok: In 2003, bursting out of the remains of ancient Mayadome, the foundation of what became Loch Vostok, a band with focus on live performances was laid. During the years that have passed, the band has released 7 full lengths, toured with big bands (King Dimond, Therion and Leprous) and been playing at virtually all the festivals in the country worth mentioning. Now they also come to the premiere year of Uppsala Rock Nights.

Always War: Always War has been around for a while and is well known in Uppsala. They ignore current trends in Swedish hardcore, trying gently to cut their own path in the hardcore scene.

Sanctrum: Sanctrum plays some form of death / thrash metal with a twist of hardcore. The album "Rot" (Wormholedeath Records) was released in 2015, in the spring / summer of 2018 there will be new music. A hard and uncompromising show is promised with a lot of headbang, fist pumps, sweat, smiles and if it's really cozy, some blood can also be present.

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Black Magic Fools: In the beginning there were six poorly lost souls whom the devil himself pardoned by giving them their instruments. Now they are forever convicted of walking from city to city and playing on streets and squares and through blackmagic tones collect souls to their rulers. Yes, at least, that is the story of the band Black Magic Fools. But if you choose to not believe in that story, you can imagine that they are very ordinary musicians from Gothenburg who mix medieval music with heavy metal and have done a lot of success at rock clubs and medieval events around Sweden, but they have also played a lot in Germany and Latvia. This will be the first gig in Uppsala and the band promises a show beyond the ordinary that makes everyone in the crowd bang their skull in pieces, dance on the tables, drink fifty-one beers and just let go of all the senses. Just like in old good middle ages!

Midvinterblot: Midvinterblot offers energetic, melodic Folk Metal of the kind that never lets the listener's body stand still - the soft but firm grip of the musical instruments in combination with mountain massive weight and rhythm like a rippling stream creates an ecstatic music experience that dries worrying about the world so glad to surround one!

Roof Down: A 4 piece band from Stockholm (est. 2013), that playes Seattlerock-inspired postal grunge, which creates a unique alternative rock act and considers Sweden's answer to the 90's grunge band. Their music has its roots in the grungerock, but at the same time it comes with a contemporary touch. Simply a "fucking band" that Takida-Robban had recently been listening to after their latest EP.

Ocean to Burn: This thundering steamengine can be put in a separate category. Ocean to Burn has recently been welded together by the deep blues and the heaviest rock along with a whole lot of other influences, and has sharpened its sound to something beyond the usual

Acidiun: Acidiun, founded in 2008 in Uppsala, is a metal act originating in death and metalcore sound. A fresh blend of hardcore, beatdown, heavy metal and thrash describes Acidiun songs that are driven by, shifting transitions, gravity and complete lack of verses and chorus.

Highwater: Highwater is a band of the old school that strives to deliver its music as honestly, uncompromisingly and swiftly as it goes.

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