Two new acts ready for Uppsala Rock Nights


If you like Female fronted bands, you will be happy for the two bands we can announce are ready for this year's edition of Uppsala Rock Nights. It is Uppsalabandet Hexed and the Stockholm band Cobra Cult, which today we can release as ready for the year's edition of the festival.

Two new bands to this years Uppsala Rock Nights


Today it is clear that the American punk rock band Bullets and Octane will come to Uppsala this summer. The band is probably best known for their song Pirates.

Even the Stockholm-based industrial metal band Lizette & comes to Uppsala. Over the years, the band has been nominated for five rock bears.

Two new acts to Uppsala Rock Nights


Today we can announce two more bands to the 2018 years Uppsala Rock Nights.

The two bands we announce are Black Magic Fools and Roof Down.

Black Magic Fools is from Gothenburg and has made alot of success in various appearances. Roof Down is a post-grunge band from Stockholm.

Our first international band


Almost four years have passed since Persefone unleashed their highly-acclaimed album “Spiritual Migration”. An impressive tour-de-force of insanely great musicianship that took both the press and the listeners by storm (1,3 million views on YouTube). With a new guitarist and a new drummer Persefone have now taken their music to the next level and are ready to release their brand-new album “Aathma” to set the standard for progressive metal, and now they are comming to Sweden and Uppsala Rock Nights 2018.

Three new acts ready fro Uppsala Rock Nights 2018


To everyone who likes Folk Metal, we have the happy news that both Thyrfing and Midvinterblot are ready for Uppsala Rock Nights 2018.

But also the Uppsala based band Sanctrum, who plays death / thrash is ready for this year's festival.

Tickets are now for sale


Now arw the tickets to next year's festival released. Tickets can be bought via tickster. There is with and without camping. The campsite will be adjacent to the festival area.


At the same time, we can conclude that Bonafide, Loch Vostok and Ocean to Burn are also ready for Uppsala Rock Nights 2018.

First bands ready


Those who were at Level Live final last saturday already know this. But the first bands of the festival are ready.


The first band to Uppsala Rock Nights is the Uppsala-based band, Always War. Always War has been around for a while and is well known in Uppsala. They ignore current trends in Swedish hardcore, and try to cautiously cut their own path in the hardcore scene.


And with a collaboration with Level Booze & Burgers in Uppsala, we can now present two new acts that are ready for the festival. Level has had a competition where 13 bands participated this year. Where the winners from this year and last year also won a place at the festival as a prize.


The first band to ever win the Level Live competition was Acidiun. A band formed in Uppsala 2008 and makes music influenced by Metalcore and Deathcore.


The second band and this years winner of Level Live are Highwater. Highwater is a band of the old school that strives to deliver thier music as honestly, uncompromisingly and swifty as it goes.

New hard rock festival in Uppsala


The hole that Inbreed Open Air Metal Festival left after cancelling in 2015 and later disolve the year after, has been large. But today on October 21, 2017, it is announced that a new hardrock festival will come and close the hole that Inbreed left.


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