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Two new acts ready for Uppsala Rock Nights


Today we can announce that Gothenburg band Black Magic Fools and Stockholm band Roof Down will join us on this years festival.

Our first internationl band


Almost four years have passed since Persefone unleashed their highly-acclaimed album

“Spiritual Migration”. An impressive tour-de-force of insanely great musicianship that took

both the press and the listeners by storm (1,3 million views on YouTube).

Three new acts to URN 2018


To everyone who likes folk metal, we have the happy news that both Thyrfing and Midvinterblot are ready for Uppsala Rock Nights 2018. And allsow the Uppsala based band Sanctrum, that plays death/thrash, is now ready.

Tickets for URN 2018


Now you can buy tickets for URN 2018. Tickets ar bought via tickster.


At the same time, we can conclude that Bonafide, Loch Vostok and Ocean to Burn are ready for Uppsala Rock Nights 2018.

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